'Here to be inspired by Japanese culture, homage to its beauty, and create artistic products in the process.'
Graduation Collection Part II
Shaggies Amsterdam created this sample of the Midnight Kawara carpet. It is a cut-out of a much larger design but gives a good idea of what it might look like on a bigger scale. The gradients and white highlights imitate how the moonlight falls on the supposed Japanese roof tiles called Kawara. The roof tiles exist in over 1,000 varieties and have a nice roundness, which has been brought forward in this design.
Comparable to The Dutch Wave, the Belly Bottle Idol is also made from Dutch archeological glass. A well-known technique called Kintsugi is applied to connect the wine bottle shards. The collar pieces, seen on top of the object, are reminiscent of Howl’s Moving Castle, mainly its artillery. Its fantastical appearance and golden highlights make it stand out, turning it into a treasure-like object. Therefore the title of this decorative item is a subtle wink to the Golden Idol from the Indiana Jones movies. 
“That belongs in a museum.” 

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